24 | 01 | 2019

Technical Approach

USEFIL technology will be able to provide access to good quality care services for the majority of elderly people since it will be based in common devices.  The use of web technologies will provide information sharing and social services as well.


The systems used in USEFIL will be software driven and open both in the sense of being built using open-standards and in its ability to be expanded with new functionalities including communication with new physical elements for the home.


USEFIL is proposing a holistic proactive and unobtrusive approach and will develop a support-concept and prove that it satisfies the objective.




The concept of the USEFIL platform will consist of the following:



·         Unobtrusive monitoring: Low cost video cameras will provide monitoring of behavioural, emotional and physiological parameters.


·         Mobility: An unobtrusive in nature wrist-worn mobile unit will be able to provide useful data.


·         Simplicity: A Web TV unit will act as the central home internet gateway.


·         Sociability: Low-cost Tablet-PC connected to a social network


·         AI: Decision support system will provide the means for alarms and prognosis.


·         Proof of Concept: demo applications for the devices.


·         Personalisation: provide guidelines for developers to generate applications for the ageing population.