21 | 02 | 2019

(2013) Event Recognition for Assisted Independent Living

Title: (2013) Event Recognition for Assisted Independent Living

PETRA’13 May 29 - 31, 2013, Island of Rhodes, Greece

Authors: N. Katzouris, A. Artikis, F. Makedon, V. Karkaletsis and G. Paliouras

Abstract: We present the application of a recently proposed probabilistic logical formalism, on the task of sensor data fusion in the USEFIL project. USEFIL seeks to extract valuable knowledge concerning the well-being of elderly people by combining information coming from low-cost, unobtrusive monitoring devices. The approach we adopt to device its data fusion component is based on the Event Calculus and the stochastic logic programming language ProbLog and aims towards constructing a semantic representation of the received data, usable by a Decision Support System that will assist elderly people in their every day activities and will provide to doctors, relatives and carers insights on the user's behavior and health.