24 | 01 | 2019



WP1 Project Coordination & Management


D1.1 Signed Consortium Agreement (M1)

D1.2 Project Handbook including quality and risk management plan (M3)

D1.3 Ethical Issues Guidelines (M6)

D1.4 Reports and minutes from each Steering Committee meeting (M36)

D1.5 Management Reports (M36)


WP2 Functional and Non-Functional Platform’s Requirements Elicitation


D2.1 Sociological study of assistive technologies for independent living (M3)

D2.2 Pilot Use Cases (M5)

D2.3 Functional and non-functional Requirements (M5)

D2.4 State of the art of technologies (M4)

D2.5 Identification of existing standards (M4)

D2.6 Report on self-evaluation framework designing (M5)


WP3 USEFIL Framework Architecture Design and Specification


D3.1 Report detailing USEFIL architecture and infrastructure adaption and implementation plans of USEFIL (M9)

D3.2 Report detailing technical management plans and USEFIL system Architecture (M11)


WP4 USEFIL platform development


D4.1 Software tools, monitoring sensors for event classification, human behaviour and health status (M18)

D4.2 Tools for affective computing and multimodal interfaces (Video-monitoring system) (M23)

D4.3 Prototype of a Wrist Mobile Unit (M23)

D4.4 Interface & User Interaction module on the Internet TV (M14)

D4.5 Interface & User Interaction module for Slate tablet-PC (M14)

D4.6 Decision Support System Intelligent Data Processing and Feature Extraction Algorithms (M23)


WP5 USEFIL Service Development


D5.1 USEFIL communication infrastructure (M18)

D5.2 USEFIL security infrastructure (M18)

D5.3 USEFIL core components and services (M24)

D5.4 Pilot applications (M24)

D5.5 Application development guidelines (M27)


WP6 USEFIL platform Integration & Optimization


D6.1 Hardware-Software Interoperability & Integration (M27)

D6.2 Data Security Report (M27)

D6.3 Integrated USEFIL System setup (M28)


WP7 Validation and Evaluation (Pilots phase)


D7.1 Description of Training program (guide) for final users of the solution (M31)

D7.2 Installation, configuration and administration guide (M31)

D7.3 Report on the analysis of trial results, acceptability, and Usability (M36)


WP8 Dissemination, Exploitation and IPRs


D8.1 Dissemination Strategy and Plan & Visibility Material (M4)

D8.2 Communications Handbook for partners to safeguard external communications processes (M4)

D8.3 Project Promotional materials (M3)

D8.4 End of project ‘volume’ to disseminate the main findings of the project (M36)

D8.5 Electronic dissemination (M3)

D8.6 Two workshops in Greece and UK (M33)

D8.7 Final report for dissemination at others' meetings (M36)

D8.8 Final report for dissemination to other sector and disciplines (M36)

D8.9 Assessment and analysis of the market (M36)

D8.10 Exploitation Roadmap and Exploitation plan (M36)

D8.11 Interim dissemination report (M18)