24 | 01 | 2019

Project Objectives


USEFIL main motivation: support independent living of the elderly citizens as long as possible in their home by designing, developing and deploying widely adopted systems.  


USEFIL Objectives  


Ease of use :


·    Develop a simplified approach using ease of use unobtrusive low cost ICT solutions.

·     Provide services more adaptable to individual needs and preferences (personalization)

·    Promote practicality developing systems and services that their installation will not require retrofitting of the residence of the elderly people , no new skills.


Usefulness (for end users and main stakeholders):


·    Support the elderly in maintaining their social activities

·    Support Mobility

·    Provide a new health care paradigm redefining the way of treating elderly people and managing health care services

·    Promote cost and time effective health care solutions for end users and carers:


       Low cost off the self systems,

       open source platforms,

       facilitate worldwide developers to generate applications for the ageing population reducing the cost the Governments have to spend for generating ICT services for the ageing community